Q: What is kidney dialysis?

Q: What is kidney dialysis?

A: Kidney dialysis or hemodialysis is the process by which a kidney machine cleans out waste products and removes excess fluid from your blood when your own kidneys cannot do the job alone.

Q: Does dialysis hurt?

A: Once the treatment is started, there is no pain. Just like you do not feel pain while your blood is circulating through your body.

Q: I am worried about my lifestyle, how will it change?

A: Your care team is here to help you lead a fuller and healthier life. Your diet will be very important. Our dieticians will assist you in understanding the best foods for you to eat and how to successfully control your fluid intake. You may travel while on dialysis, our support team will help you […]

Q: What may I bring to treatment?

A: Your comfort is important. You are encouraged to bring the blanket, headphones and pillow that you will receive as a new patient. You may also bring snacks to eat while being treated.