Treatment Options

Our team of healthcare professionals understand how scary a kidney disease diagnosis might be.  As your trusted provider, we give an added layer of support by working with our patients and their families to improvequality of life. Depending on many things, including your age, medical condition and personal choice, there may be other possible forms of treatment. Based on these factors, your doctorwould recommend appropriate treatment options.

Choosing a Treatment for Kidney Failure – National Kidney Foundation – This booklet has general information to help you and your family understand kidney failure and decide which treatment option is best for you.

Healthy Eating& Activity

Choosing kidney-friendly foods and physical activity may lower your risk of complications when living with kidney disease. How strict your eating plan should be depends on your stage of kidney disease and if you have other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. When you are in the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (Stages 1 and 2), you will have less limits on what you can eat. As your kidney disease gets worse (Stages 3, 4 and 5), your doctor may recommend that you limit:

  • Potassium: A mineral found in almost all foods that your body needs to make your muscles work
  • Phosphorus: A mineral found in almost all foods that works with calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy
  • Fluids: Anything that turns to liquid at room temperature, not just water

Your doctor and dietitian can help you create an eating plan that helps you control your blood sugar, while also limiting sodium, phosphorus, potassium and fluids. To reduce the risk of injury, before you begin any diet or exercise program consult your healthcare provider.