Many new stressors are presented to the person who has chronic kidney disease. There are many concerns including family changes, fears, life impact issues, logistical challenges and cost concerns. For these reasons, specially trained social workers will be a part of your dialysis care team.

You will meet with your social worker either before your first treatment or within the first week of being a patient with us. They will go over any concerns you and your family may have from finances to emotional and physical adjustments.

Your social worker will be available throughout the course of your treatments here at First Prevention to provide counseling, identify community services, or just be there to talk with you and your family about adjusting to chronic kidney disease.


First Prevention encourages its patients to travel and enjoy themselves as they are able.

We also welcome visitors to our facility as space permits. The important point to remember for anyone that receives dialysis treatments is to plan your travel early.

There is paperwork that will need to be completed, and certain units may also require chest x-rays, EKG’s, or other lab tests.

Contact your social worker if you wish to visit our unit, or First Prevention patients will need to coordinate their travel with our social worker to ensure smooth coordination of treatments.